Triple clamp and handlebar??which one to choose??


Apr 17, 2001
i'm in the midst of getting parts for my GasGas 200ec....was thinking of changing the handlebar to Tag Metal handlebar and TagMetal Triple clamp. can anyone give me an honest opinion on these two products??
Some say Pro-Taper are the handlebar to go for stiffness but what about vibration??


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Jan 17, 2000
I love my Pro Tapers bars and also love TwinSpars Tags... to me they are a wash... As far as triple clamps go, I am currently testing the Emig Racing clamp and the RG3 so I can only give you opinions on them.

99' YZ400

Emig Clamp:
Solid mount (rubber mount is optional)
Reversible mounts to move bars either 11mm fwd or 25mm fwd over stock
Much taller mounts, come in 2 different heights. I have the tall. I have not caliper measured them yet but will let you know as soon as I do.
Precision CNC machined out of 6061 T6 511 aluminum.
15% more clamping surface than stock, full front and full back
Extremely well machined

Regarding the bottom clamp:
25% more clamping surface than stock, giving greater stability of the fork
tubes. Same material as top clamp.

Stem is 7075 T6 51 aluminum and had the bearing already pressed in!

RG3 Clamp:
Rubber mount 4 post system.
Reduces vibration
Different bar mounts for different positioning is offered.
slightly taller than stock mounts. I have not caliper measured them yet but will let you know as soon as I do.
Unsure of the exact aluminum used but will find this info for you.
Extremely well machined, very refined.

Bottom clamp not available yet.

I have never had a problem with arm pump and to be honest do not notice vibration or the lack ther of. I like both clamps, with the RG3 I can ride longer with out my hands going numb but typically I ride for about an hour or so, take a break and ride some more. After an hour on the MX track I need a break. I will say this, usually I have blisters on each palm after the day is over... the last two rides with teh RG3 I have had none.

The Emig clamp is probably what I will run on my bike because I like the bar position better... I am 6' 1" so moving the bars 25mm fwd and taller felt AWSOME. If I were more sensitive to vibration I would probably take a look at the RG3 or the Emig rubber mounts.

I know you were asking about Tage or PT clamps but hope this helps a little.


Nov 18, 2000
I haven't used the Tag bars, but... I recently bought a set of Renthal fat bars. They have already survived a couple of decent crashes and I believe they do make a difference in arm pump and vibration. I used the adapter pieces instead of a new triple clamp. The adapters raise the bars a little which I've found I like.


Apr 17, 2001
hmm..think i'll check out both Emig and RG3.....the RG3 sounds promising in the vibration damping department.......thanks for your info though, Thump!!
Appreciate it..=)

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