Trips for 2009

Feb 8, 2003
Now is the time to start planning your trips for 2009. Let me recommend the Hatfield McCoy Trails. The system keeps growing. It has something for all riders! The price of the 2009 permit is $50.00. You can use this permit as many times as you want in 2009 with no additional fees.

The Hatfield McCoy Trails are in southern WV. They are over 550 miles on the trail system in 6 trails. The Hatfield~McCoy Trail System was created by the West Virginia Legislature to generate economic development through tourism in nine southern West Virginia counties. The Hatfield McCoy Trail System totals several hundred miles of off-road trails in five of its nine project counties. Each of its six trail systems is open 365 days a year to ATVs, dirt bikes,and select utility vehicles (UTVs). Many of the trail systems also offer community connecting trails that allow visitors to access “ATV-friendly towns” to experience the charm of southern West Virginia.

The six Hatfield McCoy trail systems are Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow, Indian Ridge, Little Coal, and Pinnacle Creek. No matter which trail system you choose, Hatfield~McCoy Trail visitors can expect to find a variety of trails ranging from easiest to most difficult. These are not your typical “flatlander” trails.

The most popular of the six trails is the Rockhouse/Browning Fork Trail. The Rockhouse Trail System, located between the towns of Man and Gilbert, consists of about 100 miles of trail. Rockhouse has the largest total mileage of any of the six Hatfield-McCoy Trail Systems and offers a wide variety of trails for all difficulty levels. The breakdown in trail percentages for this trail system is: 53% are green trails (easiest), 22% blue (more difficult), 13% black (most difficult), 5% red/black trails (extremely difficult), and 7% orange (single track only). This trail system has direct access to the cities of Man and Gilbert, WV. Each of these towns offer fuel, full service food, and lodging accommodations. The hospitality that the towns of Gilbert and Man offer is unbelievable.

If you are really adventurous, plan a winter trip. The trails are open 365 days a year. During the winter, it is like you have the trails to yourself. Sound tempting??

Get started with your 2009 plans today.

If you need additional information on this mild to wild trail system, just let me know!!