Dec 1, 2000
I have a 2000 KTm 200 EXC, and have ridden it about 20 hours so far and recently entered a Mud race at a local harescramble. Then on the next trail ride i noticed that I was having to pull the front brake lever so much to get some stopping powerthat in was alomost touching the grip. I also had to push the rear brake even more than normal. Both brakes feel very mushy. One of my trail buddies who has the same bike said to push on the brake housing to make the little piston inside of there move. (same with the back)
That made the brakes tighten up agian like normal but after maybe 2 hours they would be mushy again. The brake pads are fine so i dont know what to do PLEASE HELP!:think


Aug 8, 1999
Replace the fluid front and rear and bleed. You do this at the same time BTW - Don't drain the fluid per se, just run lots of fresh fluid thru the system. A miti-vac makes this easier but is still better done with two people. Also level up the front master cylinder before starting; put the bike on a stand, lock the bars at full lock with a tiedown, then level up the cylinder by rotating the assembly on the bar.

Also check your pads. A single mud ride can chew up a set of rear pads no problem.

My brakes get bled 3-4 times a year. When you replace the rear pads, pushing the piston in to fit the new pads will usually backwash dirty fluid into the reservoir. Watch the clear reservoir as you push the piston in. Yucky stuff will probably back up into it.

This will give you a good start, but the '00 and '01 front master cylinders seem to be problematic based on posts seen here.

Dirt bike brakes unfortunately need maintenance BEFORE they start to show symptoms of problems. By then you probably have contaminated fluid grating on your master and slave cylinder pistons.
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