Dec 20, 2000
With all the talk on TTR's I am finding it is time to add some power to my girlfriends bike.

I have read many of the threads but never seen a good breakdown of motor mods. I see that their is the Powroll 130 and 150 kit, BBR also sells these, BBR offers head porting, and then there is the cam. Not too mention the Carb options. Of course Engines only offers services to and they are local to me.

So, here is where I am, Robin's TTR has the BBR pipe, 110 jet, chain guide, triple clamps, springs front and rear, and new bars and sprocket and chain. Now to get more power what is the best way to go? and yes there is a budget so I am looking for a 1st step, 2nd step .....aproach.

150 kit? first, then maybe cam and then head porting, then carb?

Also note, just talked with BBR and they are about 30 days out from making their own piston for the 150 kit. In addition to any other mods they will have BBR machined in the top.




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Jul 31, 2000
The piston is replaced only if the cylinder is bored out to a larger size.
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Rich Rohrich

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Jul 27, 1999
Stock the TTR cylinder head is a complete TRAINWRECK so the big bore will tend to just move the torque down the rpm band without head mods. There is more torque with the larger bore but it signs off WAY early. The Powroll cam is an excellent match with the big bore, but again the cylinder head really should be dealt with first. BBR has a hotter cam coming soon as well.

John Curea

Feb 29, 2000
If you want to go low-buck, do the air box, air filter cage mod. Then open up the exhaust. I just took off the spark arrester (I am going to make my own end piece). Just these simple mods woke up the little motor, come to think of it, they didnt cost anything except a little time and effort!!

The bike wheelies in 2nd gear now.

The flywheel mod is next.

Take Care, John


Mar 3, 2001
Another cheap mod is to have the flywheel machined down. That is one heavy flywheel for such a small bike. That made a BIG difference in mine. If you need more details on how to do that, I'll be glad to have my husband e-mail you.

Also, just to let you know, powroll sends you the 150 kit and then you have to go somewhere else to have the sleeve machined out. Sounds like you would be caught between two vendors if you had problems. Engines Only did an excellent job on my 150 kit, and everything is done by them. They are wonderful to deal with. I would recommend them highly.

With the 150 kit, I would recommend an aftermarket pipe. It makes a bigger difference with the 150. I sold my BBR pipe (too loud) and ordered Engines Only new pipe. I should receive it any day, and I will definitely let everyone know how that works out. But right now, I have the stock pipe back on, and boy, it doesn't have the snap it had with the BBR pipe.

Good luck, and when you get done, that little blue baby should rip!! :p

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