Aug 28, 2001
My son has TTR125L that I am thinking about getting a new pipe for it. Has anybody used Powroll pipe with the supertrap muffler? It is half the price of a BBR setup. How did the installation go. Was there any increase in power? Which do you recomend.


Aug 22, 2000
If the engine is stock, and you plan on keeping it that way, I don't recommend purchasing the complete exhaust system - look at the Thrust Chamber instead, it will deliver better power for your stock engine than any aftermarket exhaust system.

If the bike has (or will have) the 150cc kit and a camshaft, the Powroll pipe was designed to go with these. It was designed at the same time we designed the bore kit, camshaft and everthing else.

Basically, the Powroll pipe is geared more towards overall power, the BBR pipe is desgned for m/x and for more top end use. For aggressive riders who race, the BBR pipe works well, for the rest of 'em, the Powroll pipe would be the best bet.

BTW - I work for Powroll - so if anyone has a more "unbiased" opinion - please throw it out here!!!


Apr 17, 2001
The boys bike has a BBR pipe (revised design with the milled end cap) and very happy with it. Power was up with stock motor. Now its modified its even better and cool sound but might be a bit much for some. BBR pipe is tight under the left hand side cover and requires plastic to be trimmed but otherwise AOK. The Powroll is supposed to be good as well...... A hard call....
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