Tunning carbie WR 250 1998 2 strokes


Mar 10, 2006
Guys, I have spent a lot of time jetting my bike. I do it at home which is about 100 feet or so above see level. Some settings: slow #45, main #172, needle N3VF clip second groove, pilot 1 1/2 turns. Others: spark plug NGK BR8ES with 0.024" gap and 32:1 mixture HR1 Bel Ray. When riding around home(hills are just 1 block away) the engine runs smoothly, very nice at all revs, but when progresively climb up let´s say up to 300 feet or more I feel the engine does not run smoothly as it does below, something like a bit bogged, no too much but a bit rough at lower revs, no problems at higher revs.

What should I adjust to run smoothly up the hills.


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