Aug 6, 2000
On my track I just made a 25' table, but I'm coming right off (less than 20' to the jump) a 90 degree sweeping corner. Whats the best way to do this, I was thinking of power sliding and feather the clutch to blast out of the corner. Keep in mind I have a bad clutch so I can't go from 0 to wide open or I'll just get a lot of noise, I have to roll on the throttle.


Mar 20, 2001
If you ever watch arenacross, alot of the jumps are hardly 20' frrom a corner, you might try putting a nice big berm in, it would help alot, you could coast in and halfway down the berm cut it hard and take off, like alot of pro's do. You should try your idea first though, and somebody may have something better to say, but if you can't bust it, I'm afraid you'll have to berm it.

Hope that helps,



Mar 22, 2001
You'll probaly have to stay wide till you fix the clutch,then you'll laugh at how easy it is from the INSIDE:scream:


Aug 9, 1999
When I need to jump from a short run (ussually in Arenacross all the jumps are right out of 180 turns) I ussually sit the jump.

You get much more lift sitting a jump to clear jumps at a slower speed. Get used to doing it first on a small jump or table. If you have a table you can practice (like your own track), try from a dead stop jumping while sitting. Start slow and get used to it. It will try to launch you out of the seat, be ready for it (this is good actually, saves you energy). Also, you MUST!!! stay on the throttle when sitting a jump. If you are not under power, you will nose dive. Thats why I recommend trying it on very small jumps and work up to jumping furthur.

The really good guys can time poping the clutch just as they launch and that will really send you flying. But, thats harder to time.


May 20, 2001
Like Reeko says- try seat hopping it. It does feel odd at first- but once you ge the hang of it- you really will get alot of extra lift out of it. Once you get really good at it- you can try pulling back on the bars at take off- then nosing it back down with the rear brake. Works good- and looks cool. Cant beat it ;-)
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