Twin Air cage for 03 CR250

Feb 10, 2000
Has anyone installed the aluminum Twin Air filter cage on their 03 CR250? The reason I ask is because it is listed as an application for the 02-03 CR250 and 125 but I have now seen two people with the cage trying to put them on the 03 250's and they don't fit.
The cage has 3 slots for the webs supporting the center where the filter retaining screw threads in and the 03 250 has 4 webs, hence the problem. Perhaps it's as easy as grinding another slot in the cage but just thought I'd see if anyone else has come across it before proceeding.
Perhaps the airbox changes from 02 to 03 involved the addition of another web. Can anyone with an 02 tell me if it has 3 webs?

Thanks for the input.