Nov 23, 2004
Want to try running some VP U2 Oxyfuel in my kids superminis which are a KX107 and a KX112. Most people at the local track say jump one jet size and that should be good. Any experiences and or advice would be greatly appreciated...


Jan 14, 2007
I use u2 not u2e with ethanol which is a type of alcohol. The u2e requires you to increase your jet sizes a few steps across the board, not just 1. I asked eric gorr and I told him my jetting and he told me to raise my clip position 1 step and that was it. I chose to do the main, pilot and neddle. My pilot was maybe a little lean for the tt 111 i was using before so i knew it needed to be changed for this. now all i need to do is drop my main from a 165 to a 162 i was a little nervous. I feel like my top end is lacking due to being too rich. if you are willing to pay for it this is the best thing since sliced bread its just alot more expensive and not edible. to me it is cheap horsepower. believe me it makes a very noticeable difference. oh yeah you will probably need to keep an eye on the air screw a lot more because this race juice is very sensetive to temp at least i think so. good luck :)

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