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Ultimate Woods Bike

Mar 14, 2008
Im looking for opinions on the KTM 300xc-w. Is it really as sweet as they say it is? I would like to get a woods bike that can match if not eat up a 450. Yes, it comes down to rider in the end, but is the 300 capable? Any other opinions on good woods bikes?
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dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Got to ride an '11 last summer and I loved it.

This one had e-start, steering damper, suspension revalved and was dropped 1".

Handling was incredible and power was oh so sweet. Got to ride a '12 orange 350 4t back to back with the 300. Nothing wrong with the 350, but the 300 suited me way better.

Ridden plenty of well tuned orange 300's over the years, but that '11 was something special. So easy to ride. I think the precise handling was what blew me away the most. Very confidence inspiring.
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Aug 13, 2000
People are generally in agreement. The 300EXC is one excellent dirt bike. Light, easy to ride, responsive and so on. All of it is true.

As for it being the ultimate woods bike, that's largely a matter of personal opinion. It has a fairly tight 5 speed trans and I find that I'd like a 300EXC with a 6th gear.
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Mar 12, 2013
I have a 2003 KTM300 and a 2000 KTM125 and a 2004 Husaburg 450. I like the light weight of the 2 strokes far better than the 450 but the 450 is the king of open spaces, wheelies and hill-climbs. The 300 is a bit overpowered in tight woods in my opinion and does suffer from too narrow a gear range. It leaves me exhausted from hanging on at the end of the day. The 125 is a bit weak for torque, not much for hill-climbs but is a beauty in tight woods. In my opinion the KTM 200 is the king of the eastern woods. Excellent blend of power, gears, lightness and torque.
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