May 6, 2007
alright i got this 1992 honda z 50r when i was around 8 and weighed like 90lbs, now im 17 and weigh about 210 lbs and i still ride this thing now as much as i used to then, but with my fat butt on that thing it doest go as fast as it used to, and i was just wondering what are some of the inexpensive ways that i could increase its performance, in general, more power, higher top speed, and a new suspension to support my fat? o yea and is the engine in the new honda crf50f the same as the engine in the one that i have?


Nov 7, 2001
Get a top end from a honda CT70. carb andc intake pipe too if you can. it will bolt right on and you will have a little more power.

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