Variety Riders H/S in Ottawa Sep 23rd

Mr. Mark

Jan 6, 2000
I'd like to get a report on this H/S from anybody thats
ridden here in the past.

What's the course like, etc.

St. Charles, ILL


May 17, 2000
I have ridden this race twice. 99 and 00. The course is very good, and the club is very good. It has some huge hills and tight stuff. They always run us under I-80 thru this concete tunnel and next to the Fox river. I think it is one of the more difficult races in district 17, due to the big hills, and the soil is somewhat clay. I have told my riding buddy both years that this would be a nightmare if they got rain that weekend. I think the club would do a good job of rerouting if there was a problem though. I ride big A and think this is the best race of the year except last week at Buffalo Range, but like I said if it rains alot make sure you put on a brand new tire. I dont know if you have a schedule and phone numbers but the race starts earlier than normal, It starts at 11:00 A.M. not noon. the club number is (815) 434-6573. See you there I will be in a dark purple Caravan with a CR250 and a KDX.

Al E

May 26, 2000
It's been a few years since I have ridden the Variety Riders race but yes it is a lot of single track trail with the culvert that is ridden through all the way under I80.
I am not sure how much the rain this week will affect the in and out of the culvert, I remember the last time I rode there it became quite tricky getting out of the culvert and up the creek bank.

I am planning on going, unless there is more rain tonight.
Al E


Apr 6, 2000
I rode it... thought it was gonna be a mud bath... there was talk of cancelling but then they decided that they were gonna go ahead and go through with it. They shortened the course from 6.5 to 2.2!! Only ran us an hour. One bottleneck in the bottom of a creek, but everyone made it through in minutes. Excellent job by the club. I can truly say that it was the most fun I've had all year!

Ended up bringing home a 1st in the 250B...

Bob Brooks

Jan 6, 2001
Good job, Baked! I intended to run it, but we backed out because of the rain. We loaded up, and drove part of the way there and turned around when the sprinkling rain turned to a downpour. I was disappointed to miss it. I rode it the past two years and had a ball, it's definitely one of the best run and most enjoyable courses in the area, not to mention that it's only 40-minutes from our house. After reading your report, I feel bad that we didn't show up and at least support the club by running it. Glad to hear you had a good time.
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