Apr 15, 2001
My '95 KTM 300 M/XC fried an ignition stator. After talking with a couple of "Ignition Experts", I was told that moisture can be a major problem with stator failures. I have noticed some moisture behind my stator cover(be it water from riding or condensation). I was thinking of venting this area by installing a vent line to go under my fuel tank. I know this involves drilling into my cases, but after a couple of stators it may be worth it. Any ideas on this?


Jun 6, 2000
I wouldn't bother. On that model, its the SEM ignition thats a weak point. They die eventually anyway. Thats why they went to Kokusan ignitions in '97 (no more problems). Water also makes its way in from the clutch cable passage, so the best bet is to take the cover off after every ride/wash, dry with compressed air, and leave it off for a few days to evaporate remaining moisture.

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