Very long term review of a Jeremy Wilkey shock.


Aug 13, 2000
So, many years ago, I had Jeremy set up a Showa shock for me. The bike was a Husky 360WXC, the shock was the same as a CR250 Honda. I recently sold the bike and thought it might be nice to post my thoughts on the quality of the job Jeremy did for me.

Note: Prior to this, the original Showa was modded by Pro Circuit way, way back, and it was not great, with far too little rebound damping.

I had the shock bore Nicom (like Nikasil) plated as the oem bore was flat worn out. Jeremy set up the piston and shim stack for a plush ride at very high speeds. The result was fantastic. The adjusters were in the middle of the range, the ride was excellent and the overall performance was far superior. But the interesting part was that the combo lasted for years and years with no loss of performance. The only maintenance was shock fluid changes.

It sure was great to get such a good job that did not require constant tweeking to keep the level of performance at a high level.


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