Jun 24, 2007
hey guys and gals i just got my vforce3 reed valve setup today and was going to put it on. as i was taking off my stock reed cage i noticed that there was a spacer that came off too. should i leave the spacer in or should i take it out? what does the spacer do? will my carb boot and everything still fit if i take it off? thanks for any advice it is greatly appreciated.

2-Strokes 4-ever

Feb 9, 2005
The reed spacer will give the bike a broader feel of power, maybe you could say a more "friendly" delivery, less "hit". Suzuki pretty much copied Yamaha's potent cylinder design in 03, (same V Force part #s) I put the V Force on my RM with Yamaha's spacer.....broad, torquey and sweeeeet.
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