May 18, 2001
Finally the dealer where i order the bike told me that the Husky will be in my hands late next week. I'll let you all know how it feels.:) . For those wondering why I bought a year 2000 and not a 2001 is because I got a great deal on the year 2000 bike, greater than what I thought. Hopefully there are not many big changes from 2000 to 2001. Anyway, the bike looks great and I think that it will feel better.


Aug 13, 2000
You will love it! just make sure to get yourself some aftermarket comfy seat foam as the stock seat is rock hard. Who knows maybe you stand up while riding and don't care. I find the 360 is a very capable bike and I do not need to stand.

Every time I go to PR I get lost in San German.:scream: It drives me crazy



Jun 29, 1999
I rode a 2000 wr360 yesterday. I found it very smooth with reasonable power off the bottom, though not as much as I was expecting from an open bike (the jetting was way rich). From idle to 1/2 throttle it was a bit like a 426 I rode afterward, at least compared to my 250. It seemed to rev out just when my 250 started making serious power. I'm sure they have a lot more potential than the one I rode :).


Jul 2, 2001
You'll have fun on the 360, it absolutely a superior bike compared to the KTM380, the suspension is fairly firm but predictable, mx-style throttle is sensitive but not overally and the big key is reliablilty and weight. You don't have to spend anything such as power pipes etc as the std equipment is perfect just jetting is necessary!!
Just make sure that the kickstart lever, rear tail lense etc is firmly bolted after CRCing or WD40 the bike after a wash as the vibrations can cause it to come loose (my kickstarter is floating around the woods somewhere) and regularly service ie rings.
Best tyres - Mich S12's, excellent grip.

Have fun

Jay :scream:

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