Oct 4, 2007
Why paint? I have a large section of my new garage I want to decorate with vintage/semi-vintage MX posters. I have a couple of Hangtown National and Puyallup Trans-AMA posters from the mid to late 70's. These were posters that were sent to dealers prior to the event to advertise the date, time, place, ticket price, etc. LOVE to have more of these, especially Puyallup (I went to all of the Puyallup Trans-AMA's with my Dad as a youngin').
I also have a dealer promo poster for the 1977 RM125. It's big, and has Gaston Rahier in the foreground with (I think) Marty Smith trailing in the background. I would LOVE more of this type as well.
If you might have anything (1973-1986) like this, please let me know. Thanks!

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