Jun 12, 2007
Just wanted to ask, as I know that there are a lot of knowledgeable people in this forum, how would I set up my own dealership. Now as it is the time to worry about what course to take in university, I was thinking off a job I would like and this popped into my head. I imagine it as being a dealer for several bike brands and opening a mail order service etc. I wanted to know how one would be created and what are the main pros and cons. As this my be one of those stupid ideas I may have but if i want to do it why not ehh? I hear a lot of people saying don't turn a hobby into a job, just wondering if this advice is correct.

Also as I am on the subjects of jobs, what other jobs are available in the industry, I don't want to become an mechanical engineer or anything like that, what else is available?

Well thanks in advance
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Dec 31, 1969
Step 1: Learn to spell dealer. :)
Step 2: Come-up with the Franchise Dollars
Step 3: Come up with the Franchise dollars for "several" brands.
Step 4: rent/lease some primo space for your dealership.
Step 4: Figure out what would make people want to buy from you vs. all the existing dealers.



Apr 18, 2006
GLeNs said:
Now as it is the time to worry about what course to take in university

That would be business. As in Business major. As in it isn't "a" course it is a field of study. An emphasis in accounting would probably be a good thing.

A few words of caution, however. Turning your hobby into a business can end up sucking all the fun out of your hobby, consuming all your time and leave you with a business that you don't enjoy.

Unless you have a lot of personal wealth or have parents that would be willing to finance your business you may find it very difficult to start your own business right out of college. It costs a lot of money to rent space, buy all the desks and fixtures and then buy inventory. Banks are not going to be very eager to loan a fresh college grad that kind of money.

But business is a fairly broad area of study and can open a lot of doors for you in other areas so it wouldn't hurt anything to keep your options open.



Jun 17, 2007
Can you sell ICE to an Eskimoe? If so then your set :cool:
Franchise fee's are rather large and most require that you be worth so much, are you well off with a fist full of one hundred thousand dollar bills?


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Dec 9, 1999
Having been in Ireland (last year on St Patricks Day) I really did'nt notice many dealers. There was a HD dealership in Waterford, and then there is CCM in Dublin that was all I saw. But there are a ton of bikes on the little bitty streets, mostly Honda 50 step thru's. I did see 1 HD sportster and a guy all set up on a Honda CBR 1000. Didn't see a single MX track anywhere, but a lot of places would have been ideal.
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