Website for used bike reviews??

Jan 24, 2004
I'm in the market for a used 250 MX/trail bike, and I remember finding some place on the web a few years ago that listed the different years and types of bikes with reviews. For instance I'd like to compare '95-'99 RM's to '95-'99 CR's. I remember reading about some years to avoid that maybe weren't as good as maybe the year before. Can anybody help. I'm looking to spend ~$1700. I've got 13 acres with part woods trails with a few jumps, but I'd like to tie the trail in with a small MX track I've started biulding with my tractor. The last bike I've owned was a '89 KDX 200. We've been into quads for a few years now, but it's time for this 38 yr old to get another bike to ride with my nephews.