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Aug 13, 1999
I received this email from the NMA. If any of your can make it please do. Email or PM me and I'll send you the contact info and meeting locations. (I don't trust the greenies and they may skulk around our sites - kinda like I do theirs. :p)


Subject: Domerie Peak Trail Volunteers Needed THIS Weekend!

We are seriously short of volunteers to work on re-opening the Domerie Peak trail to multiple-use this weekend! A lot of effort has gone into making this work party possible. We have a lot of enemies of multiple-use that would like to stop us from re-opening it.

You can help! Either Saturday or Sunday will work fine. You can find out more about thetrail at this website:



Sep 22, 2000
What a dirty trick

I wish I was able to be there to help. Looks like an incredible place to ride.
I will bet everyone will feel so good with themselves at the end of the day that they hang around and drink cold ones and tell stories. :(

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