Sep 16, 2003
I have been reading alot about the kdx 200 in the forums. I had a rmx 250 but it got stolen. i only got 2 rides and i loved it, i am a novice to advance woods rider, i weigh 190 pounds and i am 6'0 tall. What bike would be the best, the kdx 200? i was also looking at xr 400's but i am only 25 yrs old, please suggest the best woods bike. thanx


Dec 10, 2002
If your RMX was stock, with stock pipe and all, the KDX 200 will be an upgrade. Keep in mind the KDX has been unchanged since '95, so an '03 or an '04 will not have anything new design wise compared to a '95... That gives you several years of bikes to choose from.

The honda XR 400 would also make a nice, dependable trail bike.... But do you want a 2 or a 4 stroke?


Feb 8, 2001
Im not sure what age has to do with it?....... but seems like everything else points to the KDX. Especially if youre looking for the best in the woods. The XR is a great trail/desert bike, but would probably tire you out in the woods due to the heavier weight. The KDX is made for tight woods. It would give you more options on which class to run races. The 220 would give you more options to hop-up power.
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