What bike for a bigger guy?


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Oct 17, 2002
CACRanger said:
I am looking to purcahse a dirt bike for myself and don't really know what kind I should get.

I am a larger guy at 6'2" tall and weigh in at ~250 lbs.

I want something that I can get for cheap ~$1500 or less and will work good on trails putting around with a buddy of mine. I will not be racing or even taking on the MX track.

I would prefer a 2-stroke just because they are cheaper to rebuild and I am mechanically inclined so I will be doing the work myself.

I live in Houston, TX, so pretty much every different brand has a service/parts department not too far from me.

As far as experience is concerned, I raced dirt bikes growing up from teh age of 12 to about 16. Then I gave it up and haven't ridden a bike since. Couple of 4wheelers including a Warrior, but no dirtbikes in about 10 years.


I have the perfect bike for you - but not in your price range...
2003 KX500 - Almost as good a bke as my old 450-490 Maicos I rode back "in the day"

BUt, $1,500 won't make it...

If you get a chance to ride one - you'll love it - there are some olders ones out there for that kinda money..

See http://www.kxriders.com/