Jun 15, 2007
Okay here is the poop...

Live in Colorado, and it's time to do some trail riding here and a couple of times in Moab, Utah area. Just want to get out there, see the sites, do something different with our free time. This is going to be a couples thing, me and the wife.

She - 38 years old, athletic, 5-7 120 lbs. Never driven any motorcycle before, ever.

Got here a used 2005 TTR 125 with electric start. She picked it up in about 30 minutes in a field next to our house, up shifting, down shifing, riding around cones... did great.

Me - 40 years old, athletic 5-10 180 lbs. Owned sports bikes for years but that was oaver 14 years ago. Could of zx750 sport bikes. Never been on a dirt bike.

My first dirt bike doesn't have to be the end all, one and only one I will ever own. I don't mind selling it and upgrading in season 2. We will mostly be riding together so some monster won't get it's potential used since I will only be doing what the TTR125 can do.

Not interested in getting dirty knuckles unless I have to. Would much rather drop it off at the dealership and pick it up for the weekend. Reliable would be nice.

$2000-$3000 budget is what I was thinking, if it isn't too limiting. Newer the better.
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