What do you do to a used bike you just bought?


Apr 4, 2005
Greetings everyone.

I am the proud new owner of a 1998 Kawasaki KX 125. It's my new baby.

Well, being the anal guy that I am, I want this thing to be in tip top shape.

I do all my own work, and feel I can tackle any job on a 2-stroke with my trusty service manual....the only problem I forsee having is not having a special tool to do something.

So my main plan over the next few days are to do the following.

1. Clean Carb
2. Clean Air filter
3. Fix leaking fork seal
4. Check all bolts.
5. Adjust clutch
6. Check throttle, brake, clutch cables and grease
7. Change tranny oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid (my brakes aren't working the best), and front fork oil. Rear shock also.
8. Replace spark plug

Today I tore the carb apart and cleaned it up real good, and cleaned and oiled the air filter. I also need to give the carb a good whack on the side to get it to stop peeing out of the overflow. Hopefully that cures that and I won't have to take the carb back apart.

I forgot to put the cage thing back inside the airfilter....gotta fix that boo boo...and I have to try to fix the carb peeing problem.

I'm going to try the photo negative trick on the fork oil.

Are there any other things you would do to a used bike you had just purchased? The bike runs awesome, so I don't think a top end is in order yet. I just want to know that it has all new fluids in it, and is in good working order.

Thanks everyone.


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Jan 20, 2001
check for play in your wheel/swingarm/stearing/ect bearings. replace as needed. I would also get the oil in the forks and shock replaced


Dec 2, 2001
I would definitely grease the swingarm pivot and all linkage bearings. Also grease the steering stem bearings and wheel bearings. By doing that, you will know the condition of the bearings, and how well the bike was taken care of. If a person will grease all of the bearings regularly, they will usually do the other "easy" parts of the maintenance to keep the bike in good shape.


May 18, 2004
I would do a top end.
I know you just got it ,but I would do it and start fresh this way you know what the rod feels like and you can really look at the cylinder.


Nov 12, 2004
All the above, plus, strip to frame to check eveything out and it makes it easy to re-grease. Take top end apart and mic everything, check for con-rod play, replace as needed.

enjoy the new ride:thumb


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Aug 29, 2004
inspect,strip and lube the chain and sprockets
get 6 new plugs
pick an oil and ratio to stick with and jet the carb ; all with your riding style in mind
put all suspension clickers back to stock and adjust from there; set sag
check spokes
check tire pressure
inspect brakes very closely
inspect brakes very closely........again
make certain there has been no engineering by previous owner that could cause a sticky throttle or hanging idle.........i test rode an rm250 once that had an air leak which showed itself only when at full throttle on a rural street when i had no helmet ...took 5 seconds or more to get out of powerband which was 2 seconds past stop sign :yikes:
if the suspenders are not 100% do not separate the bike from the ground with you on it ;)

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