Jun 3, 2000
I'm sure this has been asked over and over but nothing turned up in my search for it.

What brand fork oil should use in my bikes? A local dealer recomends Maxima. I plan to use 5wt to keep things kinda soft. Hopefully that will help the harshness of the CR forks.


Aug 25, 2000
Any good quality fork oil will be fine, Maxima, Silkolene, etc... I run Mobil 1 synthetic ATF in mine, on Jer's recommendation. I have to say I am very happy with it, and it is cheaper than most fork oils. It is apparently around 7.5wt.

I have experimented with different weight oils in the past and in modern forks, I haven't found a great deal of difference actually. With the ATF, I can say, the clicker have a much broader effective range...that is to say each click has a greater impact. If you try it, you should likely start out about 2 clicks softer than original.
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