What is involved in promoting a race?


Oct 9, 2000
I have an interesting idea. There is a MAJOR local fair that comes to my town every year. It is the second biggest in the state. I have heard of people running mini arenacrosses at county fairs and I though this would be a tad bit more exciting and profitful to the town than the pig and frog races they have in the extra space on the fairgrounds.
My question is what is involved in promoting a race? Would pace be willing to do something there like a regional arenacross? There are alot of riders in the area and I am sure that there would be a good turnout if they advertised correctly.
What would it cost?
What do you have to get insurance, equipment and staff wise?
How much does a promoter profit generally?

Thanks and please help if you know anything at all!


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Dec 15, 2000
Kawie, I've known several promoters for quite a few years here in Cali and the last thing they're getting is rich. They do it more for the love of the sport than anything else. Most have other jobs or businesses. Insurance is a big expense and is very hard to get as there are only a few companies that will insure motorsports promoters for liability. AMA sanctioning can be a way to go but still is not cheap. On a fair grounds, the state, county or whoever will require a certain amount of insurance. Then there is track building,(expensive), advertising for the race, getting sponsors, people that know how to score an MX race, flaggers, etc. At a county/state fair, you want to get the fair board involved also as they want to get people through the gates and if there is an event that will bring people in they will be more willing to help. Why don't you go to a local promoter and offer to do the leg work for him/her regarding putting on a race at this fair. That way if it happens, you'd have someone with experience helping while you learned about the problems you will have to solve along the way. Putting on this type of race can be very rewarding even if you don't make a lot of money, it's still a lot of fun. Go for it.


Jan 10, 2001
make sure you have waivers for people to sign saying that youre not liable...im sure most of us take responsibilty for our actions and dont point the blame when we get hurt...but theres always some jackass that thinks its your fault he crashed and will try and sue

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