What is this thing called

My little brothers 05 crf 70's forks move back and forth like freeplay.I know its not supposed to have it.What is it that needs replaced?Its still under full warranty but i dont know if it will be covered because it had a hard wreck in 2006.It mangled the forks and rim but that was a while ago and the freeplay just started last week.Do you think it will be covered?And what part needs replaced i know what it is i just dont know the proper term for it.Thanx


Are the forks moving in the clamps that hold them or are the clamps moving where they attach to the frame? You may just need to tighten the nut right in the middle of the top clamp (under the handlebars). It could also be the stem bearing - the bearing inside the round part of the frame where the forks attach.
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trail bikes can have warranties

mx bikes do not

my bike says all this stuff about it being sold as is but my dad's got a warranty