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Apr 3, 2003
I am looking at the works, platinum, and platinum 2, it is for a 03 YZ 125. I would like a little more low end power but do not want to sacrifice mid to high power. How much power over stock do these pipes offer? :uh:


Sep 20, 2002
The Works and Platinum pipes are identical. There is no difference in them besides their finish. They offer more mid-top power gains on your YZ. However, the new Platinum 2 really helps the bottom end snap for the tight woods riding. Also, it doesn't really sacrifice your top-end. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!


Jan 16, 2003
kdxsam is correct with the power delivery of the YZ125 Works and Platinum pipe, but unfortunately we do not make a Platinum 2 for this model. The Platinum 2 is designed for off road and 250's only. The Works and Platinum for your bike will add more mid to top, but will not lose any bottom....I guess it is up to you at this point. What you are looking for in bottom end, can be fixed by adding some teeth to your rear sprocket....just a thought.

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