Jeremy Havlik

Sep 10, 2000
I was wondering since im pretty new to dirbiking, what videos would be worth buying..Ive heard a lot of good things about semics videos and also baileys videos. Id like to know the general stuff, im already doing 40 ft jumps with 15 ft of air, but im not that all good of a rider so Im hoping these videos could help me out..any suggestions?

Feb 24, 2001
Yeah i have the semics videos. I have his 1st 4 videos. They're a bit out dated, and he's a bit boring to listen to, but the videos give u a lot of information. You'll have to watch them over and over again. Semics breaks his videos into different areas. Just buy the one that your most interested in improving and if you like it you can get the other ones. Sorry i can't say anything for bailey's.

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