What tint are your goggle lenses?

What tint are your goggle lenses?

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In the process for getting my stuff together, I found a new pair of Lenses. They didn't fit my newer frames, so I threw 'em in the old ones. Now I have Scott HiVoltageIII with clear lenses and an old Smith frame with a dark tint mirror type lense.

That got me to thinking, what tint are most guys running? Or do you guys change them with the conditions? Expain your reasonings below. :)


I have an orange one for riding in low light conditions and a dark gray one for bright light conditions. i have Smith warps for dirtbiking and scott 89xi for snowmobiling(with a red tint)

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One eye clear, the other black with a patch.........Arrr


light sensitive? i tried one of those for my smith warp's. they pretty much stayed the same tint all the time


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My goggle of choice is the Scott HiVoltage III. And my lens choice depends on conditions:

-Rose when it's very sunny, or if the sun is low and it your eyes (it's kinda like wearing sunglasses)
-Blue if it's mostly sunny
-Light sensitive or antifog clear if it's kinda cloudy, partly sunny, or rainy
-Antifog clear at night (the new antifog lenses are awesome, compared to the older lenses that fog real bad at night races)


I've found the Scott's blue lens works great if sunny or in and out of woods. I use clear if cloudy or rainy.


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Rose colored