Feb 8, 2001
I read on a webpage that when you come up short you should lean forward and losen up but on movies people usually lean back. So what are your opinions on avoiding an endo?


Feb 2, 2001
The lean back/pin it method is when you have no chance of making the jump and are landing on the face of the jump. Basicly this is to try to save yourself from getting hurt by matching the angle of the face with the bike and letting the suspension of the bike absorb as much of the impact as it can. The rest of the impact has to be absorbed by the legs and arms of the body. Consider yourself lucky if you survive one of these!

When about to case a jump the best way is to lean forward and be loose on the bike. The reason for this is to try to get the bike to skip or bounce off the top of the landing. This is hard but when done right will let you keep control of the bike, and continue riding.


Aug 19, 2000
wherever you heard to loosen up on the bike was WRONG!! Squeeze the tank as HARD AS YOU CAN with your knees, and dont get your front end up too much, unless you are landing on the backside of the landing.....then all i can say is bail!!!! : :p: good luck

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Oct 23, 2000
I don't jump very much but I tried the double (that I usually clear)Saturday and definatly did not clear it. I hit the very tip if not alittle of the face with alot of force all on my front tire. The force made my feet come off the pegs and my hands came off the bars. My crotch (ouch) and helmet hit the bike pretty hard. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, maybe because the bike just tract along with little disruption and didn't fall over. I tried it again right away and still didn't make it over with my back tire, I decided to stick to the trails the rest of the day. :D

The only way I can think of not to come up short is to hit it hard the first time and really clear it. Then each time after hit it a tiny bit easier, until you find the sweet spot.

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Nov 12, 1999
If you tighten up you will not be able to correct after you hit, hence you will likely crash. DO NOT tighten up or freeze up that is the worst thing you can do. Do the best you can to suck the bike up if you can to get a few extra feet outa the landing. but if you can't, and you stiffen up, your going for a ride. i have seen countless broken wrists and ankles because of this, as hard as it sounds try to relax and don't "pucker"
try not to throw the bike away either, use it to absorb the hit, now if you are endoing thats another story, get the heck away from the bike if possible. but just coming up short try to adjust the angle and make it deflect the hit as much as you can.

better on a smaller set of jumps practice coming up short......then you will be better prepared. just use common sense and dont' get hurt


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Dec 27, 2000
smile for the cameras :p and no matter how much it hurts, pop right up and wave to the crowd. ;) seriously, if you are not going to clear on both tires lean back and hold on try to match the bike to the ramp face. if just the back will hit try to lean the bike forward as the impact to the rear wheel. will slam the front end down. and try to throw you over the bars.

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