Jul 28, 2002
98 220 all stock.I ride mainly woods with some open sand pits and an occasional mx track.What I'd like to know before forking out the bucks.Does a new exhaust really "wake up the kdx" as I've heard?I just don't want to fork out alot of cash for mods,ie.fork springs,reed valves and exhaust if it doesn't really make a significant improvement.Maybe I should just sell it and get a kx 250?sorry for the long post.Just undecided.


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Jan 8, 2000
Best bang for the buck as far as engine mods. While you're at it, remove the air filter cover and rejet. You'll be glad you spent the money.

The best non-engine mod is fork springs that are appropriate to your weight. Nothing like a bike that responds to your input!


Oct 14, 1999
This is an age-old argument.

The kdx is an excellent woods bike. It will never be a kx.

The kx is a track bike. It will never be a kdx.

There are a number of things that will have a huge impact on your 220...and they are all listed on CDaves' justkdx site (linked in the 'every kdx rider should read...' thread stuck to the top of this forum).

A pipe is at the top of the list. Proper jetting and a larger carb (maybe an airstryker if you're considering any modification to the existing carb) are big plusses.

If your bike is stock......you've got a l-o-n-g way to go to get the bike as responsive/good as it can be. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend millions. It helps! ;) But you don't have to.


Jul 28, 2002
Decided to keep the kdx,ordered rev pipe today,will get the jets this weekend and see how it goes.Thanks for the responses


Jul 19, 2002
canyncarvr can give you a more details, but the Delta V-Force II reed system was hands down the best mod. I did to my KDX. Throttle response was awesome and well worth to $$.


Mar 27, 2002
:thumb: And the fun begins.
Be careful not to let the mod monster bite you too hard..He's nasty and has a tight hold.

Without a doubt....the rev pipe will make a huge difference.

Jetting a must.

As per Canadian Dave's recommendations.These recommendations are so close it's scary.

"With a performance pipe/expansion chamber, the air box lid removed and the stock or a performance silencer run a 42/45 pilot, R1174K jet needle in the mid clip position, a 152/155 main jet fine tune the pilot circuit using the air screw."

Best of luck.


kevin c.

Jan 28, 2003
I have a 220, yes the pipe is a big difference, I also did... air box mod, rb designs carb mod, delta force II valve, front springs, and wer steering stable
I like every mod I did, I also did them one at a time to make sure I was getting something each time. 4th gear wheelies are no problem now!

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