Jan 27, 2003
OK here is my quandry. I won $115 in contingency money from a local suspension shop and I'm not sure how to spend it. My bike is a '99 KX 250 and I have the stock suspension set-up as good as I can get it. I just rebuilt the forks (new bushings, seals, fluid, take apart and clean). As far as I know, the shock has never been serviced. So my prediciment is as follows, should I:
A. use the money to get the shock serviced cost is $90 and buy something else with the extra $$
B. use the money and get the shock revalved cost is $150 (I've got $45 to put toward)
C. Leave the shock alone and get the forks revalved cost is $150.

The shock seems to work well now and I only have enough money for one of the options.
Thanks for the input


Feb 7, 2002
C. Revalve for $150 - well spent if the shop is good!

PS>> The shock should be serviced yearly - have you ever felt the reservoir after a hard ride?
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