What's the carb float weight spec?


Jan 4, 2001
I have a '90 KDX200 and it's running rich in the 0-1/4 throttle range, even with a #35 pilot jet. The carb overflows when sitting still even if I raise the float height all the way to 20mm (spec is 16 +/- 1) and it has a brand new float valve installed. A buddy suggested that I weigh the float itself, stating that they can become water-logged (gas-logged). Carburetion is perfect everywhere else and I can't jet the problem away. Anybody know a float weight spec. or have any advice?

BTW, my setup is currently: stock bore, FMF pipe and silencer, Boyesen power reeds, airbox mod, #6 slide, #148 main jet, #35 pilot jet, airscrew 2 turns out, R1173N needle with clip in top groove.
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