Whats the next biggest enduro for N.C.?


Jul 27, 2001
Does anyone know when and where the next big enduro in North Carolina is? I am interested in getting into the sport and would like to go to a race to see what all goes on. I have a '96 XR250R that I would like to enter into a race with. I think it can handle it dont you? Im only 15 so my bugdet is tight but what should I do to the bike to get it competitive? Thanks!


Jul 26, 1999
Sure, you could be competitive on your bike. However, as an enduro newbie, your focus should just be on finishing races. They are longer and harder than most any new person can imagine.

For enduros in your area, check out: http://www.setra.org Their season is based on a School year format. Meaning, that the new season will start in September of this year, and conclude in May of next year. So, they are in a summer hiatus right now. The 2001-2002 schedule has not been posted on their site yet. My guess would be that the first enduro in NC will be in late September or early October.

That gives you some to get ready. Some (or most) of the SETRA races require your bike to be street legal. That also means that you need a liscense to drive a motorcycle. At those events, the minimum age for participation is 16.

When I was your age, I was in the same boat. I needed to get my motorcycle endorcement on my driver's liscense in order compete legally. I attended the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course to get my street bike liscense since I didn't own a strreet bike and had no other way to take the test.

(Some people get tired of seeing these links. I'm the resident keeper of the links for enduro basics)

Good Enduro info here:

Enjoy!:cool: Post your questions here, and post your race adventures here too. Good luck.
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