when changing fork oil and shock oil do you feel a difference?


Feb 25, 2005
Hey guys, i'm a little curious about this question i have posted. I have an 03 cr250 that is stock suspension wise. I ride it all woods and jump it minimally but do ride woops sometimes at speed. I've never changed the suspension oils. I was at work and a coworker says he changes his 2 times a season. He couldn't believe i have never done mine. He says my bike will ride so much better i won't believe it. He says it will totally make the suspension work like it should. I think my bike handles pretty good, but will i be in for a nice surprise, or is it over rated? Thanks guys.


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Jan 8, 2000
Depends. If you change your fluids regularly, you wont feel a difference unless you change to a different viscosity.

However when you drain your oil, if it looks like maple syrup, you'll notice the change.

I change mine before each season.
Oct 15, 2007
Captian is spot on! I personally change mine out every 25 hrs of riding, but then again, my oil stays nice and clean because I run very special fork seals....and this is a good thing!
Some oils viscocity breaks down quickly, therefore causing "fade out"...this is not good.
Water in the oil is never good and this is very common with OEM seals in wet terrians.

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