When things break...I get really mad.

Feb 7, 2004
Ok. I have a piece of crap 1975 Honda MR175. It features a custom-made rear fender off a 1969 Yamaha RM360 (that was a rather interesting fabrication job...) shock springs off a 1974 Yamaha DT175, and, until just a few months ago, two piston rings from a Tecumsah lawnmower engine.

I finally managed to find a new top end for it off the internet, got it installed, then decided to get the inside of the gas tank coated before I started riding it. I also re-did the rear shocks with the Yamaha springs while I waited for my stepdad to coat the tank.

Well, he passed on the tank to my uncle, who went ahead and painted it as well (I don't know why, half the paint was still there) :thumb: Click <a href="http://www.geocities.com/bobsbobstore/tank.html" target="blank">HERE</a> to see the rather creative paint job.

I went out today to put the bike back together so I could ride it, and discovered that it had no spark. Pulled the side cover off, pulled the flywheel off, and went to clean the points. Stuck my hand in there, brushed it against something that fell onto the ground. Picked it up and looked at it, and guess what? It was a nice big chunk of the crankshaft. :whiner:

You can see the damage <a href="http://www.geocities.com/bobsbobstore/index.htm" target="blank">HERE</a>.

I'm wondering if I should part the bike out on ebay, or epoxy the chunk back in there and hope the flywheel will keep it in place...