Where to find 83 Honda CR250 new plastic and parts?


Jan 11, 2005
I will be getting my hands on my brother-in-laws 83 CR250 that has just been sitting in his garage for the last decade or so.....gas and coolant was drained out a long time ago.....

so I thought it might be a fun project to get the bike up and running again.....I'm not going to try to restore it to like new, but I do want to get it some what clean looking...

any ideas on where to find new plastic/parts for an 83 CR250? most websites I have visited only go back to 1990 or so......

thanks :)


Apr 10, 2007
keep your eyes on evilbay. i just came into an 86 CR125R and have been scouting for parts. I have seen some vintage and new plastic there a few times now. also bikebandit.com has quite a few parts and usefull info as well.

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