where to ride( i live in redondo beach)


May 3, 2007
i live in redondo beach and just got my first dirt bike. im the only person i know with one and i am trying to find out were there are places to ride. i just need some dirt to learn how to ride on. thanks


Jul 8, 2006
head out to el mirage jus on the other side of san bernadino mtns. head down the 395 north and hit up cal city, jawbone county....octillo wells, head out to glamis....


Apr 18, 2006
Like yz125rider99 said, there are a LOT of great places to ride a couple hours drive away that will provide you with areas that you can get lost in. And I mean lost, so don't go alone!

Does your bike have a green sticker? If it has a red sticker, or no sticker at all, you can usually get away with riding in the desert regardless of the season. The open areas are so large with so many entrances that enforcement just isn't possible. Any area that would be closer to home, however, would most likely have enforcement and I wouldn't recommend trying to ride without a green sticker.

If you have a green sticker (and spark arrestor) and are looking for a closer place to wet your feet you might want to take a look at Wildomar OHV area. Here is the website:


For a greater list of options check out this website: http://wfosports.homestead.com/ride.html

Finding a place to ride is easy. I strongly encourage you to find a buddy and don't ride alone.

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