Which 450cc 4stroke motocross bike???


I'll get a bike in 2 weeks. I live in Istanbul and I have to ride 30miles to go to MX track and trails, so I'm thinking to get a bike with headlights, and an e-start because I'll ride hard and I think I will fall a lot..

I'm riding MTB(mountain bike) close to a pro, I'm new in motocross, only 6 hours experiance in track.. I rode a XT350 and it's not mine, and I know that it's not a motocross machine, so I wanna get serious about learning motocross. I feel comfortable in general but my jumps are not so good for now.

I think 450cc 4stroke bikes are suitable for me: Honda CRF450X, Yamaha WR450, Husaberg FE400-450 or KTM 450 EXC.. But I really cant decide which one is suitable for me. I tested XR650R and found it a bit heavy. I'm light and my bike should be light too.. What can you say about those bikes if I want a comparision, or it'll be good if you just write your experiances..

And I heard that CRF250X can make me a better rider than CRF450 will do, is that true???

Here is my specifications ;)

1) Your physical size
I'm 170cm and 63kg(140lbs), and 18 years old.

2) How physical / aggressive are you ?
I'm not pro but I like to ride agressive as much as possible, and I have really good endurance because I'm riding mountain bike and also I'm running, and a bit weight lifting. I'm not powerful but you can say light and fast, and have good balance on bikes.

3) What do you plan to ride (MX/SX tracks, woods, fields?????)
I want to get used to my bike with riding in fields with friends and then I wanna get into motocross..

4) Do you have any riding experience?
Not too much but I rode many bikes: Yamaha XT660X, XT350(on MX track, but track doesnt include whoops and it only has little bumps, it has tabletops and tights corners, so it's a simple track)
KTM 640 ADV, Honda XR650R, I tried all of them..

5) Do you think you will race ?
I dont know, I mean I'm ambitious and really want to race but I'm a student so if I break my leg or sth it'll be too bad for me, maybe I should get into enduro races which are softer :)

6) Are you mechanically inclined and will you be doing your own bike work?
I dont know anyhing for now but I want to learn, at least I can learn changing the oil & air filters..

7) Do you have a preferance to a motor choice?
I have to ride my bike on road when I wanna go off-road, so I think 2-stroke wont be good for that, and I think I prefer linear powerband. And I tend to Honda CRF450X, but I dont know really..

8) Do you have a dealer close by your home that you might use and what brand(s) does he carry?
Yes there's all of the brands' dealers close.

9) How much ($) do you plan to spend on a bike?
Prices are high in Turkey. I can't afford a new KTM, Husaberg and that brands, I can only buy a new CRF450X. But I can find used KTM, Husa or Yamaha..
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I looked at the Honda dealer today and they said there are no CRF's in Turkey which is really annoying. They said CRF's will come in next June, so I have to get another bike.

What are your recommendations?


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you could get by with a 250X with your size.

All I know about the 250 four strokes is that they make the riders feel like a hero.
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