Which bars are the CR high bends?


May 11, 2000
in most mags they say cr-hi and cr-low
so you might have to call them and ask
good luck with them

2000 kdx200 2000ktm 50sxpro jr
alexis il


Jun 7, 1999
A couple of things about the various bends. The different brands have a different idea of what actual is a CR high bend. To confuse us a little further, some give their specs in inch measurements, and others give mm. To convert, multiply the inch by 25.4 to get mm.

Basically, here's what I liked- anything past 60 mm sweep is too much pullback. 90 mm rise was about right on a KDX for me at around 6-0". (Stock bars are about 75mm rise, and 62 pullback.)

Hope this helps

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joe woj

Oct 29, 1999
both my brother and i are running o'neal pro-lock bars with a high-cr bend they are sweet on the KDX and they are still a 7/8" bars so you can use your factory mounts, both our bikes have hit the ground and we havent bent either of them yet, so we think they were a bargain for the 50 bucks we paid.


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