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Dec 29, 2006
hey i have been racing for about half a year and ran 3 races. my first race i got 2nd to last overal and in my second race i got 3 out of 4 overal. my 3rd race i got 4 out of 6. i was wondering how hard it would be to get on some sort of team or get some sponsors and who is the easyest to get. or if its alittle to early


Feb 20, 2007
There are a few online sites that have applications that you can fill out, but i don't know what you really get out of them, my brother got sponsored through motoworld racing just by filling out a application. But i think its a little early to be looking for sponsors.


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Dec 19, 2002
SC_Rider_427 said:
But i think its a little early to be looking for sponsors.

It's not too early for MX...actually more like too late. Most companies start accepting resumes around September and end sometime close to December.

Check out sponsorhouse there are thousands that use it. My brother in law uses it and has had some luck. Myself and my husband use mxsponsor.com and have had much better luck.

Word of advice...don't act desperate. You should try to be professional when submitting resumes.


Sep 16, 2006
A guy I know is sponsored in Skiing, and they go by what he finishes in. The higher he finishes the more discounts he gets. Not sure if its the same in MX though.


Apr 21, 2007
A few of my friends are on Sponsorhouse and got a few sponsors off of they. They dont get free stuff, but they get signifigant discounts on products from their sponsors. They get anywhere from 20%-50% off.
The only bad thing about Sponsorhouse is that to apply to the major sponsors (Thor, Fox, ect) you have to purchase a special membership. I think it goes for something like $200 a year, but if you are serious about it and have a good enough resume to get with some major sponsors, its probably worth it.
I would agree to not acting desperate. Just send them you race results and tell them what you goals are and hope for the best. Attitude means a lot to potential sponsors. They want someone with a positive attiude who will be a good repersentative of their company.

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