Which Playbike - Honda Xr 50 / Kaw Klx110?

Walt Hollis

Apr 8, 2002
I am currently looking to buy a playbike. I race a CR250 and want to find something smaller that I can chase my kids around on when they ride tracks. On top of that it looks like alot of fun to get involved with some pit bike races as well. The XR50 looks to be the leader when it comes to parts and mod availability and it costs about $500 less to begin with. The high performance parts are considerably cheaper for the 50 than the 100. On the other hand the 110's are bigger and look like they can take a bit more abuse. I am 5'11 / 165 pounds. The 50's sure do look like a blast to ride and race and the hop up parts are all over the place but I am concerned it will be to small / uncomfortable and that the 110 will be easier to ride faster because of the larger tires and frame size.



Jan 29, 2002
im 17, 5'9 and 185lbs w/o gear.. my 03xr50 is amazing! you will have to throw money down for bars, seat foam, and a shifter almost immediately after you buy it.. later down the road you can go for fork/shock springs ($80 for the set) or completely new forks and shock..


Sep 19, 2003
I got to ride a guys XR50 one time and it was awesome. He had done a lot of things (bars,springs,seat foam etc...) to make it more "big kid" friendly though.
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