Who runs an Hour Meter on their bike?


Jan 10, 2002
Reading the "how much does it cost per hour to ride" thread made me realise that having an hour meter would greatly improve the calculation of this ponder.
And anyways your mechanic will greatly appreciate eliminating the guesswork on maintainence intervals. I don't even have one on my bike, But i think im getting one! Another side of it can be to frequent of un-needed maintence in ex. wasted oil, plugs, rings, clutches. whatever
maybee I am going off on a tangent but everything else has some sort of meter or gauge to go bye: cars, boats, generators so why doesn't the manufacter put them on our bikes-so they can make you pay for them. Who's gonna get an hour meter?


Jan 17, 2001
Whyzee, Ivan both do.


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Oct 22, 2001
I run one and it's great money. My main use for it is to see how long I rode. It's funny when you are re-telling your stories to your bud's "Man I rode 5 hours straight on Sunday" Just to look down and see that it was only 2 haha.

Money well spent.
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