Big Bill

Jul 10, 2001
I have been very frustrated with Suspension shops! I have tried a couple and they seem to do everything the way they want it instead of the way I want it. So I have begun doing my own. My son races Cobras and we have tried to get shops to get him more rebound damping (and compression). Two of the shocks that I have dissassembled are set up totaly differently although we were asking for the same result. One has a huge shim stack made up of almost all .006 shims of varying sizes and the other uses .012 and .014 but fewer.

My questions is: Is this preference or is one way better than the other?



Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
The shims can be stacked in equivelences, so they may be the the same. One is not nesicarly prefeered over the other.. The Cobra shocks seem reallt poor in manufacturing, but you should be able to find a workable answer. A big problem with little bikes is that the wheels are so small, it's very hard to make suspension work with such small wheels..


PS not all suspension shops treat custmers bad.. j\
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