Dec 31, 2006
So me and my 9yearold neice were sled riding the other day and I told her "One more time then Im going in,Im cold". She said OK and away we went. She was on my back and I was on my belly. She leaned to the right, her mom-my sister-told her thats how to steer. Well I thought she was falling off and threw my arm back to keep her on. We lost control and rolled and tumbled.
The runner of the sled went across my right wrist. If you give someone a "thumbs up" it would be the part faceing the sky about two inches below the base of my thumb.Heres what it did....

3/4' x 3 1/2' cut
20% into the bone
fractured part of the bone
severed the ligiments to my thumb
severed a sensory nerve to thumb and back of hand
and skinned the crap out of the top of my thumb

I got to see my bone when I would look down at the cut. I had surgery Thrusday morning-about two hours. Im not going to get feeling back but the Doc was pretty sure that there wont be to much permenant damage or mobility loss. It could have been ALOT worse. This could have been Shelby's arm and I would have felt like ****,not to mention it could have went all the way through her arm. That night she kept asking my sister if it was her fault. I have seen her everyday since,not that big of a deal since my family is very close, but he other day when they arrived at dinner Shelby came over and said
" Im sorry I forgot to tell you I love you when I left last night...I love you Caleb"
I wanted to cry that was so sweet!
Anyway I thought I would post some cool pics but dont know how. Of course I will sled again I just dont think it will happen this year. I sat on one of my bikes the other day for like 15 min., at least this happened in he winter when riding is far and few between.


Jan 30, 2000
Damn! Good luck with the surgery and recovery.

Post those pics!


I got fat bars!
Dec 21, 2006
Oww now im afraid to go sledding.


Mr. Meltsomeglass
Jul 25, 1999
tnrider said:
it is the "one more time" that got you.
It always does, doesn't it??

Here's wishing you well on your recovery. Riding season is right around the corner, so giddity up.

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