Will 2002 KTM four strokes get a CA green sticker?

EM rider

Apr 27, 2001
I went to the dealer today to see if they had any info on the 2002 KTMs or knew when the bikes would be arriving. They told me that KTM is having a dealer conference within the next 2-3 weeks where all the details will be revealed. But.....they did say that 2002 model year KTM EXC four strokes (400s and 520s) have been slightly modified to qualify for a green sticker in CA. Only the EXCs will qualify for the green sticker, not the MXC or SX models.

I have no reason to doubt the dealer, but this was news to me. Has anyone else heard the same thing? It would be great news if true.


Dec 1, 1999
Saw the same thing, but I'm wonder if the "mods" be stuff that can "easily" set right!;) ala WR426

Haven't been able to get any answer on that!
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