Did anyone else watch the Washugal race on TV over the weekend? Windham passed Ricky both motos and motored away. Ricky could not hold his pace and had to settle for 2-2. Windham went 1-1.

I was amazed to see this. Something lit a fire in Windham because Ricky said in his interview that he was 100% healthy. He said that he was going to test more to make his bike better. The interview with RCs mechanic focused on trying to make the KX hold the inside line better.

Could DeCosters guidance on Windham be the factor? Is Kawasakis and Rickys short term relationship starting to affect performance? Looks like I will have to start giving Windham more respect which is against my norm.


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Jun 15, 2001
I've always liked Ricky, but Windham's style is clearly more "natural" and almost effortless. DeCoster has those ZOOK's running better than ever right now. Imagine next year when Pastrana joins him (Windham) on the 250's. It would be great if, in all the "Carmichael going to Honda" revel, Windham and Pastrana go 1,2. ;)


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Oct 23, 2000
I was there . . .

Windham was even better in person. He passed Ricky in the first moto right where we could see and we hollered our lungs out. I like Windham. Watching Dowd do so well in the first part of the second moto was good too--score one for orange thumpers. If only he could hold on to his leads though.


Jun 20, 2001
Windham has always been one of my favorite riders. Doug Henry used to be my fav. Since Henry retired I would say Windham has taken his spot on my favorites list.

I hope he continues to do well. That we be awesome to see him make a second half run for the title. I may be dreaming, but oh well.


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Mar 7, 2000
Windham has seem to finally get things out of his mind and ride. Though always smooth, he's clearly changed his riding style a little. Noticed how far forward he's on the bike now. Maybe classed as sometimes too far forward. But it's working, so stick to it. Washugal kept me out of my seat. That was some good racing.


Sep 9, 2000
Washugal was an awesome race. Windham has been one of my favorite riders for a long time. His style is unmatched by anyone and he is fun to watch. He is always trying something different than the other guys and it usually works for him. I wish Tim Ferry had that kind of natural looking style on the ole 426.

I noticed the forward riding position a few races ago and to tell the truth when I first noticed it I thought that Windham had tweaked his back and that he was in pain. I thought that it was a position to try to ease his pain, lol. I thought that because it was a few races ago and late in the race he was fading and getting passed, thats when I first noticed he was riding so far forward.

Sorry everyone, after reading this post I said the same thing about 3 times. hehe :o
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