Dec 24, 2001
Whats everyones procedure when doing the whole
engine from top to bottom?
all new bearings.crank,rod,main,counter shaft,ect.
all new gaskets of course.
new piston,and rings,new clips.
All new seals,including counter shaft,ect.

Just need to know if some of this is overkill or should
this be standard since splitting it and checking everything
after two seasons racing on the ktm.
also have a suzuki to do this winter that has a leak
thru the case gasket I believe.
Any and all suggestions on what you guys would do.
Thanks ahead of time for your time responding.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I check the compression and if it's below 185 I change the rings and piston if it's worn. New gaskets and check the reeds for wear. I don't replace seals unless they have been leaking.

Remove and clean all the linkage bearings and replace as needed. If the bearings are OK I still replace the all the seals.

Remove the steer bearings and clean. I keep them in even if they are worn and notchy. The notchy ones make for a good redneck steer damper :eek:

New tires if they need is and a good cleaning of the wheel bearings. Replace seals and spacers as required.

Change the fork oil.

I'm sure there's more but my brain hasn't fully started yet this morning :confused:


Jan 22, 2002
If there is a reason for me to split the cases I change all big shaft bearings , seals and gaskets along with whatever reason I think I need to fix. I usually don't bother with things like shift drum,power valve etc bearings unless I see something wrong. This would usually include the collars and shift shaft the seals ride on. This is only for when I buy a used bike and I don't trust it.

If I had a two year old bike since new that I had to tear into I probably would only replace what needed to be replaced.

close inspection should tell you what you need to replace, gaskets and seals would be a given. I will also pull out all the dowels ,studs etc and lap the gasket surfaces to make sure they are clean and flat.
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