May 22, 2006
Ok well i was going to go buy a wiseco piston for my kx, but i just read on another forum that wiseco rings will damage chrome- plated cylinders... A website on 2003 kx125s says that the cylinder is a "special" chrome-composite plating... is this ok?
May 9, 2007
Most Wiseco rings are suplied by the OEM manufacturers. Wiseco inspects them and certifies that they are up to Wiseco's standards of consistancy and quality.

Get the Wiseco kit, they're the best pistons you can buy in this country IMO. Just be sure to break it in right, and always completely warm up the engine before each and every ride, and you won't have any problems.

FYI...no Japanese motorcycles made in at least the last couple of decades have chrome bores (didn't Yamaha try that in the early '80s?). They all use some form of composite plating such as Nicasil.
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